Increase profits and improve productivity

Analyze. Optimize. Monetize.

Are you a business owner looking to achieve more profits and scale your business?

  • Your business is successful but can you scale exponentially?
  • You have technology but is it serving you or are you serving it?
  • You have valuable data but are you capitalizing on it to increase revenue and customer results?

With our proven process of “analyze, optimize, and monetize”, you will streamline your business for better efficiency and leverage your internal data to increase your bottom line.



Analyze, Optimize, Monetize


  1. Top down review of your business goals
  2. Review of current tech stack
  3. Review of current processes
  4. Review of your company data including hidden/latent data


  1. Automate manual and repetitive tasks that do not contribute to the bottom line.
  2. Scaling your technology to your current and future needs
  3. Organize and manage your internal data
  4. Capture metrics


  1. Package your data for other streams of revenue
  2. Use business intelligence to make better profit-enhancing decisions
  3. Develop new products and services


One Infinity Technology helps small and medium sized businesses reach their strategic technology goals.

One Infinity’s founder, Michael brings decades of expertise to help business owners and their team adopt the best solutions and practices derived from his experience working in the world’s premier investment banks, hedge funds, and financial market providers.

 Working with One Infinity Technology will help businesses be more productive, collaborative, and profitable.

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