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It started with Legos–building things from scratch. It then went to taking things apart to see how they work–my toys, my father’s watches, and my first computer (an IBM PC). I studied Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, which was a natural path paved with my curiosity about how things work. But as the world of technology rapidly developed I realized that almost everything worked via computers and software. This is where curiosity became passion. How can I make the world a better place through technology?

This passion started my career as a software engineer at a small financial startup and eventually as tech lead of high performing teams at premier investment banks and hedge funds. These were the places where I honed my craft as a technologist and solutions expert.  Finding the best solutions for the most demanding traders, portfolio managers, and operational staff on time and within budget was challenging but always rewarding. During that time, I developed mission critical software that had a direct impact on the profitability of traders and portfolio managers and the firm overall.

After spending 25 years in the financial industry as a software engineer, team lead, and tech manager I decided to pivot. I wanted to help small businesses outside of the industry by applying the best-in-class strategies employed by top-tier investment banks and hedge funds. Small business owners are missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on advanced processes, systems, technology, and strategies because the worlds are not merged. I want to bring that high level of operations to every-day small businesses so that they can scale and leverage their greatest hidden asset: data.

Michael Cruz is serving as a consultant to RFP Schoolwatch in the capacity of Chief Technology Officer. He has been a trusted advisor helping the firm scale in a secure, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Due to Michael’s guidance and work we have built out a critical ERP system for bid distribution to our clients. This system is increasing our profits and lowering costs so we are very pleased with Michael’s engineering capabilities and technology consulting. We highly recommend him for any of your IT/Software engineering projects.

— Gary Slattery, President/CEO - Education intelligence, Inc.

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